Social and Environmental Actions

In today’s world, an increasing number of companies are realizing their strength and importance to society. Therefore, there is a greater concern to identify their impacts in aspects of the community, such as ecosystem, demography, income distribution, inequality, health and education, poverty, among others. RB1 is administered under this concept and develops the following activities, with the support of users, tenants and the surrounding community:


-Blood Donation Campaign
In partnership with Hemorio – Rio Institute of Hematology, RB1 opens its facilities for blood donations, encouraging voluntaries to contribute and supply the blood bank that serves all the public hospitals in the State.


-Winter Clothes Donation Campaign
Annually, we collect, among building users, clothing for donation to neighboring institutions that help the needy.


-Christmas Campaign
Every year different institutions are helped by RB1 year-end campaigns. Toys, clothing or toiletries, what matters is to make Christmas merrier for children and teenagers, with the help of RB1 community.


-Mother’s Day Campaign
Donations are collected and make up “maternity kits” for low-income mothers admitted to public maternity hospitals in downtown Rio.

ISO 14001

Since RB1 was opened in 1990, environment preservation is a major concern of the building administration. Technological and human resources are fully committed to make the building increasingly sustainable, e.g. through the economic management of energy use, and the controlled and rational use of water.
Preparing for obtaining the ISO 14001 environmental certification, RB1 already performs an appropriate waste treatment with proper disposal of reusable and recyclable materials, under the guidance of expert advice.