Security Staff and Fire Brigade are trained and equipped to ensure quick and discreet action. A high sensitivity sensor system to detect intruders is available to users under the supervision of the control room.

  • Access Control

    A recently renewed system allows the photographic record of visitors and provides higher security to users.

  • Control Room

    24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays, trained professionals monitor the various systems of the Condominium, among which the closed-circuit television (CCTV) and the modern system for building automation stand out. This technology aims to control the processes of power supplying, lighting, reservoirs and cooling, among others, to anticipate and solve potential problems before any tenant is bothered. The efficiency of our system and staff also helps some companies in a more specific way, controlling the temperature of their Data Centers individually.


  • Automation

    RB1 has the features of an intelligent building, which is the set of technologies that provide security, control, efficiency, convenience, cost savings and flexibility in architectural changes.
    Constant investments in the modernization of control and supervision systems, equipments, implementation of new technologies and improvements to existing projects, as well as using industrial processes to control the building support systems – electricity and water –, determine that RB1 is always ahead of its time.

  • Own Power Generation

    A new genset, more powerful and less polluting, has recently been added into existing ones, assuring the operation of all services in any supply shortage and enabling cogeneration in peak hours, which allows reductions in condominium costs.


Due to its strategic position in the industry, with a prime view to Sumaré and close to airports, RB1 houses the infrastructure and equipment rooms of most telecom operators.